About us

Hello and welcome to our travel blog! My name is Suming and Gianpietro is my husband. We met in New Zealand, and now live in London as two full-time cubicle workers. The fondness of travel, adventure and photography brought us together from opposite side of world and cultures. We will not call ourselves the best combination of the East and the West, the romance and the logic, or the craziness and the calmness. Instead we promote equality and balance, this is where “FabXue” comes from.  It takes both our surnames and unites them together.
Unlike other professional travel bloggers, we’d like to seek the balance of being full-time professionals and part-time travellers/bloggers.  This may be because that one of us is a Financie (budgeting and planning pro) and the other is an Artist in the VFX industry (art/film/photography is in the blood).

Oceania, Europe and Asia have been our main destinations so far. We’d like to share these part of our living and travelling experiences with you. Stay tuned for more!


Suming & Gianpietro

Suming (Financie): Made in China, grew up in New Zealand, lives in United Kingdom and blend with Italians.

Gianpietro (Artist): Made in Florence, 100% Italian, but praising the authentic Chinese food over Italian cuisine.



Gianpietro (GP)