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To celebrate the arrival of the spring we decided to go somewhere really special. Spring in Iceland is a good period to enjoy certain elements of the winter, like the ice caves and the glaciers, while avoiding the extremely rigid winter. The prairies are not green yet and the flowers still have to blossom, nevertheless the scenery is breathtaking. Even if you’re not a photography enthusiast you’ll become one, we got seriously carried away and came back with more than a thousand photos. Here are the best shots.

We only have 3 days in Iceland,  so we chose tour company Extreme Iceland for us.  The original plan was to spend some time at the Blue Lagoon after the tour. Well things didn’t go exactly according to plan…

Day 1:
South coast, GljúfrabúiSeljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls, city of Vik and black beach Reynisfjara


Day 2:
Jokulsarlon lagoon and the incredible Blue Ice cave with company


Day 3:
Vatnajokull glacier hiking and return to Reykjavik


Remember all the advertisement specifying “Northern Lights hunting“, NOT using “Northern Lights Watching”.  There is a reason.  All the nights we were out there in the mild cold and were hoping have glance of the wonder.  Unfortunately, we failed.  So on our last night – the way back to Reykjavik, the driver/tour operator took us on a massive detour hunting the magnificent. We eventually succeeded since we had a very experienced “hunter”,  but we arrived to Reykjavik almost mid-night,  just few hours before our flight.  So no blue Lagoon for us this time, we’ll have definitely to come back in summer for some more!

Some additional notes, if you’d like to;

  1. be a “hunter”, best time to hunt is Jan-Mar as it is the most active period of Northern Lights. I would suggest late February and earlier March as it is not too cold if you are like me born-to-be afraid of cold, or you have small children with you;
  2. do Ice caving, Nov-Mar is the period.  We manage to get onto the last operating ice caving trip. That was in early March;
  3. see more of Iceland, 3 days are not enough;
  4. see different Iceland in different times of the year. From frosty in winter to emerald green in summer, it’s always Incredibly beatuful;
  5. if you want to be hassle free, go with Extreme Iceland tour company. They are super friendly and connected with all the small operators around Iceland, can help you achieve many things you don’t even know.  Or if you decide to rent a car, you can use the itinerary above.

Have Fun!!! You will love it.